Clean-Sky® r-MMA Tubes

The European Green Deal represents Europe’s roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable. This will happen by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities.
At Gevacril Acrylics® we strongly believe that we can give a contribution to this change: The new Clean-Sky® Cast r-MMA Tubes are Cast Acrylic Tubes manufactured with 100% recycled MMA. After years of R&D, the investment in a new polymerize-station, Gevacril® is able to manufacture a 100% R-Cast resin which gives us the chance to offer a range of >120 tubes from OD40mm to OD610mm in 5 different thicknesses.
Clean-Sky® Cast r-MMA Tubes are a 100% recycled and recyclable pmma that offers following advantages:
•  Same technical features as standard cast
•  100% Recycled MMA means less waste and reduction of CO2
•  Re-usable, recyclable, sustainable
•  Circle Economy compliant
•  ROHS3 compliant
•  Can be manufactured „food compliant“
•  Green Deal Innovation compliant